Friday, October 06, 2006

Harry Potter -- Fact or Fiction?

I've never really understood all the debate over works of fiction. I'm not talking about whether Book Y should be banned from School X. I'm talking about all the fans that argue whether Hero A met Villian Z in highschool. Fans arguing over one point or another. It's NOT REAL! It didn't happen. There is no history. Author M just made it all up. You might call it a big lie.

So, you can argue the points in the book. That's fine and dandy. But we really don't know if Lily Evans and James Potter were born in the same hospital and thus destined to be Harry Potter's parents who will eventually become leader of a radical movement of Aurors which brings down the corrupted Ministry of Magic in Book 32: Harry Potter and the Revolting Aurors.

I've read the Harry Potter books several times. I've seen and own the movies (and liked them less than the books but I'm a modern man without enough time for all my entertainment and movies are a relatively quick fix). I enjoy the story and discussing decisions made and their consequences. And I am dumbfounded every time I hear news of the various disputes over the books, factual or fictitious.

I just don't get it.

Be the way, I read this today and got a good chuckle:

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