Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shredders are fun!

Businesses have to dispose of sensitive documents. As we work we need things printed that shouldn't wander off when we're done.

Fortunately there is a simple business practice that solves this problem. The shredder. We recently acquired a shredder for our little area. It slices...it di....hmm...it shreds. It's big, bad, and has some futuristic sensor that makes it turn of if your hand tries to shred itself (It's like those lamps that you touch anywhere and they turn on, except it turns off).

Most new business processes are hard to implement. No one likes to change they way they do things. But not so with shredding! Shredding is fun! Everyone wants a turn and we all cleaned off our desks so we could find something to shred.

If only all our company policies could be so fun. This ranks right up there with Random Drug Testing!

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