Friday, December 15, 2006

Yes, I am a pirate

Yes, I am a pirate.

Yesterday I went to my parents house (I am no longer a dependent) and watched "The Polar Express". And I didn't pay for it.

A few weeks ago while driving to our vacation destination I listened to Harry Potter Book 3 on narrated CD. I borrowed it (not from the library). I didn't pay for it.

Today during lunch I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation which was recorded to a DVR. I fast-forwarded through all the commercials.

This morning I was listening to Christmas music on the radio. I changed to another station when a commercial came on.

A "Secret Santa" left a burned CD of Christmas music on my porch. I listened to it.

Yes. I am a pirate. Acknowledgment is the first step toward recovery.

Oh, my wife is a pirate too. She made Christmas cookies from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. She gave them to people.

They didn't pay. I suppose they are pirates too.

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