Thursday, March 15, 2007

SWFUpload live at Glastonbury

A member of the Webteam for the Glastonbury Festival has written back to me about his experience using SWFUpload on their high-volume registration site. Registration is closed so you can't see SWFUpload in action but we've got some interesting numbers to report.

SWFUpload was used on the site to allow registrants to upload a photograph and then see a thumbnail of the photograph before submitting the registration form. The site was required to gracefully degrade in case SWFUpload failed to do its job.

The site designers asked for a copy of the SWFUpload R2 code. They were able to modify it to work for their site.

During the registration period (the month of February) the site received nearly 400,000 registrations. 20,000 of these used the degraded form. This is a 95% success rate for SWFUpload. That sounds pretty good to me!

From what I can gather online registration for the Glastonbury Festival is new this year. The registration system will continue to be enhanced and used again next year. The system has enjoyed some press attention as well:

Glastonbury Festival
Take a minute to learn a bit about the Glastonbury Festival.

Thanks to the Glastonbury Festival Webteam for lettings us in on their experience with SWFUpload in the real world.

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