Monday, April 02, 2007

SWFUpload R4 Update Release

I've fixed a couple of issues and added some features to SWFUpload Revision 4.

  • Cleaned up the code. Removed unused code. Added more error checking. Added more comments. (Both Javascript and ActionScript)
  • Removed create_ui feature that would add a link to queue up files. The feature was too incomplete to bother with. You should build your own UI and use the ui_target, degraded_target and the callback handlers to display updates.
  • Added the upload_backend_cookies setting to help with a Windows Flash/Firefox bug. It accepts a cookie name (or an array of cookie names) that will be added to the upload_backend url (if the cookie is found). This assists with passing ASP.Net Auth tickets or PHP Session IDs. Why you would want to do this is described on the SWFUpload forums. *This feature is untested.
  • Implemented a workaround for an IE bug where a Flash Movie placed inside a FORM cannot make callbacks to JavaScript (source). You can now place the flash_target in the form if you want. You might still have problems adding a Flash Movie to a form if don't use the Window.Onload event.
  • Renamed the class to SWFUpload from mmSWFUpload.
  • Did some more sprucing up of the demos.
Feel free to download SWFUpload R4.1.

I would really appreciate feedback on issues, bugs, and any other questions or successes you might have.

If anyone would like to host the demos please let me know. I've given up on free hosts and am not currently in a position to purchase hosting.


  1. Brian4:11 PM

    do you maybe have a php version of this one ?

    Oh i cant find the file swfuploadr4.js in your package and the upload :(

    thnx in advance

  2. Look again for swfuploadr4.js. It's there. I downloaded the package again, just in case. I'm sure it's there. It's in the root folder along with swfupload.swf file.

    As for PHP. All you have to do is rename all the .ASPX files to .PHP and in all the scripts and pages update the file names.

    The only place that there is any ASP.Net specific code is the Thanks.aspx file. Just remove the runat="server" attribute from the form tag.

    If I get time (probably not this week) I'll put together (and test even!) a PHP version.

  3. Hey, I'm majorly interested in the SWFUpload component, I'm using it in ASP.Net myself at the moment. drop me a line at this username @gmail and I'll hit you up with ftp on my host. I'd like to support your development of this, might even contribute some code.

  4. Dennis9:33 PM

    Wow nice script man got it working. Only one problem that you maybe know how to fix is the limitation of the "amount" of files i can upload.

    I tried it myself but i cant go beyond a huge given amount of files like 1000+

    It gives me the "select fewer files, sorry" message.

    I love to see a fix on that one :)

  5. I did some testing:

    Windows XP SP2
    IE 6.5 (blah blah, latest IE6)
    Flash Player 9 r28

    The "selected files" limit is based on the length of the string created and placed in the "File Name" text box in the File Dialog.

    The maximum length is 16334 characters including the quotes (") and spaces ( ) between each file name.

    With long file names I was able to select around 250 files. With short file names I got up to 660 files.

    This is a limitation of the Flash Player or possibly the File Dialog window.