Tuesday, March 11, 2008

iPod Touch - 2 months later

I've had my iPod Touch for a couple of months now and things are going well. Rather than ramble I'll just skip to the lists:

  • Long battery life (compared to Pocket PCs I've had in the past). I get about 2 weeks out of it if I don't use the WiFi. This is up 700% from my last PDA
  • Snappy and good looking.
  • No stylus. Sometimes I just want to use my finger without bothering with a stylus and the Touch is designed for it.
  • Good Community. The community around the iPhone and iPod Touch is strong and using a Jailbreak I've been able to get additional applications that add significant value to the device.
  • Good WiFi. The Wifi supports all the encryption I use at home and on the road. The browser is the best mobile browser I've used.
  • Wifi sucks the batterly life away too quickly. I think this is a universal problem for any device.
  • No stylus. Sometimes a finger is not precise enough and I could really use a stylus.
  • Not responsive to touch. I often find that the device is not responsive to my touches. Especially when it's a little bit busy (loading a webpage or checking mail).
  • No speaker. I would even be happy with a crappy speaker. The clicker is not loud enough to use the Touch for alarms or reminders. And it's a pain to pull out the headphones just to watch a quick YouTube video. And headphones just don't work when I've got a couple other people that want to hear a song or see a video together. Apple is for loners I guess.
  • No mic. No digital recorder functionality. No music recognition. iPhone users get everything :(
  • iPod Touch users keep getting stiffed. The productivity apps cost extra. iPhone users get them out of the box. And now it sounds like the v2 firmware is going to cost iPod Touch users extra as well.
  • No usb mass storage. I have to carry a thumbdrive with me as well.
  • 8 GB Storage. I just don't listen to music or watch video on the device. I still have 7.4 GB free. It's nice to know it's there but since I can't use the thing as a mass storage device it's kind of wasted.
  • Web browsing. The browser is excellent but I like browsing the web on my 19" dual monitors.
  • Buttons. There are 2 buttons: On/Off(sleep) and Home. It'd be nice to have an external volume or pause/play but at the same time it's nice not to. There are fewer holes cut out of the leather case I got.

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