Monday, October 14, 2013

HydraPaper update

I've been using HydraPaper at home and work for several months now and noticed a few minor bugs and missing features.  I've made a small update that includes the following:
  • Using the tray icon Exit menu now actually exits.
  • Running out of one type of wallpaper doesn't reset the list for the other type. This bug made it so it didn't always cycle through every image before starting over again.
  • HydraPaper now stops cycling the wallpaper when a remote desktop session begins.
  • Orientation EXIF data in JPGs is now honored.  All those sideways family vacation pictures are now automatically rotated when displayed (assuming your camera stores orientation data).
I used a library called EXIFextractor from to get info on the image's orientation and used standard .NET drawing statements to rotate the image.


The updated version: HydraPaper v1.1 from Dropbox

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