Monday, October 02, 2006

Digg & Reddit

I've become slightly addicted to Digg and Reddit. I don't recommend these sites but they are filling this sick need for new ways to waste time on the Internet. The Internet is my real addiction. Thank goodness there aren't withdrawal symptoms when I go on vacation.

Digg and Reddit are good ideas and it will be insteresting to see if they make it in the long run. I think it takes a certain demographic to make them run. Both sites are full of political rants and arguments for one point of view or the other. It's almost enough to drive me away.

I visit these sites looking for the few tidbits that interest me. Something about the latest in PC gaming. Something about the Wii. Or something funny, sexy, or stupid. Anything but politics. I want to care, but in the midst of all the bickering and arguing I just can't. I feel a duty to care, but it's all so silly and biased. It's sad that these clowns waste so much time and money on it all. What's worse is that part of it is my money!

Anyways, back to community link sites. I could probably search out blogs and grab feeds and build a great list of what I'm interested in, but I'm lazy and Digg is a quick fix. I think the next step in news aggregation will be feeds of feed aggregates. If I can find a few people with similar interest then I can just pull their aggregated feeds together. I'll get my quick fix and relevant information.

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