Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's the little moments...

In the car pool we are listening to the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" book on tape (I'm sure that violates all sorts of copyrights but that's for another rant). We tend to fast-forward through much of it as the author seems to ramble on and on. This morning Harry bumped in to Choe. Her friend had snitched on the DA. Harry was fairly rude and Choe got upset. This scene represents the end of their relationship.

We remarked on how unimportant the scene seems compared to the other events occuring in the story at the time (Umbridge has just become Headmaster and the Twins are causing much havoc).

This led us to a moments thought about how seemingly insignificant choices can change the direction of our entire life.

The common analogy is a compass (a comparison which makes sense to me). Big decisions are like big turns and they change our heading significantly and our direction in life. Small decisions are like little 1 degree turns. After a short distance we don't see any difference but after a lifetime we will be in a much different place that we would have been.

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