Monday, March 26, 2007

SWFUploadR4 release and SWFUpload v1.0.2

SWFUpload v1.0.2

The official SWFUpload has been updated to version 1.0.2. If you check it out you'll see some familiar code. I was happy to submit my R2 and R3 code to Lars and it seems they liked it enough to incorporate my code design and concepts in to SWFUpload.

It would have been nice to get a little nod for the contribution.

The new 1.0.2 code is very clean and C#-ish. I haven't tried it out but it sure looks pretty.

SWFUpload R4

In the meanwhile, I've updated my Revision of SWFUpload. See this post for the latest release. Sorry to have to use such a crappy download service, but, --what you pay for is what you get--.

One other note before I continue: I get some comments that sound like people are only reading one post about the script. I recommend that you read through all the SWFUpload posts. There are several tips and explanations that will help you get things up and running.

Also, please don't post problems you have with R4 to the official SWFUpload forums. The SWFUpload team cannot be expected to support my unofficial changes and it will only cause headache and confusion to have R4 issues mixed in at the v1.0.2 forum.

Revision 4 includes:
  • Debug messages from the SWF File when debugging is enabled in the JavaScript.
  • New "Stop Upload" feature. This stops the current uploads and allows you to restart them again without canceling anything. Unfortunately Flash doesn't support pausing an upload, but given the nature of HTTP this is understandable.
  • The QueueComplete event only calls back if one or more files were successfully uploaded.
  • Fixed the bug where canceling the first queued upload starts the other uploads.
  • Added url encoding of the uploadBackend string so you can pass more than one value to the upload back-end script. (I didn't get around to testing this)
  • The consistent misspelling of Canceled.
  • The ActionScript code was cleaned up, commented, improved error handling, debugging, revised to avoid self-calling loops, etc.
I also updated the Demos a little to include buttons to demonstrate some more of the functionality. I also added some bling to the MultiUpload demo.

One Bug

I found one bug that I could not work around during my testing. When you attempt to upload a Window's shortcut file SWFUpload normally reports an IO Error. If you use the "Stop Upload" function while a shortcut is being uploaded then you cannot start the upload again. Flash just doesn't start the upload again and doesn't throw any errors or raise any event listeners. This shouldn't affect most users as it is somewhat unusual to upload Window's shortcuts anyhow.

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  1. Hello!

    Of course you should have gotten a big nod, we'll sort that out ASAP! Without your contributions it wouldn't have been even close to being finished yet!


    // The SWFUpload team